Diary Of Someone.

Yesterday I was standing by a bus stop and I saw a diary fallen on the ground. It said...

"I was a college going girl then. As usual, I went to the bus station to take a bus and go home. Everything was fine until I saw a guy standing in front of me wearing a formal white shirt, black pant and black shoes and yes, he also wore black coloured spectacles.
I never happen to stare at someone but this guy was worth looking at. Unfortunately his bus arrived and he boarded the bus.
After that day, I started waiting for him. Even if my bus arrived, I never boarded it right away instead I boarded the next one waiting for him but he stopped showing up after that day and I lost all my hope. Thinking it was just my luck that day, I stopped thinking about it. Months later, some bus arrived at the stop and people who wanted to board the bus, went ahead. While rushing towards the bus, a man pushed someone and he fell on me. I wanted that fellow to get off me as soon as possible but when I  looked u…

The Sun Will Shine On You Too.

The Sun Will Shine On You Too.

Hey ya'll! I know it's been a long time since I posted a blog so here's one.

Well, talking about me, I've always been underestimating myself no matter what. So I just wanted to share this experience of mine with ya'll.

Two or three years back, I got an opportunity to sing on stage during some function in my society. I sang 'Paani Da' and the sad part of the story is that I just got one night to prepare for that song.

One night? Yes, just one effing night!

I still remember, when I was singing on stage, my friend was cheering for me in the crowd whereas my brother frowned. After being done with my performance, I walked down the stage and people praised me. I really felt happy at that moment but at that very night I realized that I SCREWED UP!
Later when I saw my video recording, I noticed that I misspelled the words and was off track. That was the day when I decided to never sing on mic. I really started hating my voice and felt uncom…

Long Lost Love.

Ryan, a sixteen year old boy good at everything he does, girls go gaga over him but he doesn't care about them at all. Linda, a girl from his neighborhood- a bit chubby but cute girl who is messy inside and out and is average in studies. Well, as said before, girls go gaga for him and so does she. There's no reason for him to like her at all but still he has a soft corner for her and likes her as well as she's messy but sorted in some ways, confident but still shy, has no level of idiocy but is a practical thinker too. Both of them were crushing on each other for past seven years but the day he thought of confessing it to her, his parents told that they had to shift. Good thing was that they shifted to a nearby place.
Later because of not meeting for a long time, their feelings for each other started fading away. One day the girl was sitting in her class studying and heard a familiar voice... she was shook for a while. She was then later sent to a class to borrow a book fro…

What The Years Have Taught Us.

It all started when we Turned 13. The sweetness vanished away and the aggression started growing in. We became emotionally super unstable. Talking about the mood swings, well people started thinking I'm unapproachable and stopped coming to me. Our physical appearance started bothering us alot. An inch out, would kill us sometimes. 

Now here in this phase, there are two types of people. One, who become socially super active and love going to parties and meeting people and two, who isolate themselves from everyone and later blame others for not inviting them. And finally hate yourself alot.

Being a kid we thought comparisons are okay but growing up it started hurting us alot that "Why the hell am I being compared to that moron, I'm better than him! " Reading quotes get you depressed and you start doing stupid stuff on social media just to gain attention. Posting senseless stories of you and your friends faking yourselves, commenting on an issue you don't even know ab…

Having A Creative Mind Isn't Easy.

You might think having a creative mind is easy right? 
No, it's not as easy peasy as you think, buddy.
I'm friends with many people in the creative field. Some are into drawing, some in photography and then there's me who's in writing. Well, there are days when even we don't have any ideas.
Yes, there's no external pressure on us but there's lots and lots of internal pressure. We might look like we're totally fine and all on the outside but inside, we're sad because we're not able to do our own thing. 
Some think it's easy for us to think and execute but every time we start bringing our imagination on a paper we need to think more. Think alot to make it different and unique. In a creative field, every negative criticism might be painful but we have already developed the habit of taking it positively.  
What does a creator want?
A creator just wants their audience to like their work. Being appreciated is secondary for us. Appreciations and ideas do…

I Don't Wanna Walk This Street Again.

It feels so good when someone says you've become mature right?
But the journey was never easy. Being a kid, I always thought that being mature is so cool and dope but sadly I never knew it's aftermath.
I thought being able to pay your own bills, traveling alone, partying and hanging out with friends are all signs of being mature.
This journey has taught us thousands of lessons. 
Earlier Friendship days were a big thing. Counting those hundreds of bands, rings and words on hands was so much fun. The kid with both hands full of bands was considered to be super lucky but today, empty hands on friendship day feels better. Having no friend feels better than having fake one. 
*Because Trust Issues you know right!
Birthday celebrations with hundred friends felt so happening but today celebrating birthday with family is the best feeling ever.
Crying loudly like a baby just to gain everyone's attention and sympathy was so awesome but today, sitting inside the bathroom and crying silently …

Screams We Never Heard.

Women, they can scream, cry laugh and express themselves freely no matter what but then come Men who are told to control their emotions no matter what.
I've seen so many articles about women and their problems. Even I have written about it but never have I ever read anything about the struggle of a man.
Whenever they feel like crying, they hear someone saying, "Shush! Boys don't cry."
Whenever they feel like laughing loudly, they hear someone saying, "Hey don't laugh so loudly. Men aren't so loud."
If a guy says he likes pink then he's considered a gay. If a girl can like all the effing colors in the world then why can't a guy like Pink?
People say they're heartless because they don't express themselves but how can you blame that person when that person is told to control their emotions from a very small age.
Men don't cry doesn't mean they're stone hearted. 

There are days when they feel like crying, screaming and reaching out …